Looking Back

She wanna run, she wanna hide,

For she is having a severe pain inside!

She wanna scream, she wanna cry,

She wanna,but can’t simply say goodbye!

She wanna move on, & let the things go!

But she loved him more than anyone could know!!

She wanna start afresh,and set them free,

But her mind couldn’t forget,&eyes doesn’t want to see!

The love is deep , the pain is deep,

The promises broke,which they promised to keep!

It’s hard to forget and let him go,

She knew ,that he couldn’t love her,but she was happy that he tried though!

She love him deeply and he is in her heart,

All she knew was,-its hard to keep them apart!

She never ever thought,she would feel this way,

The importance of him and his stay!

The mistake was hers! For she took her friendship to the next level,

The feeling of love acted like a devil!

One thing that would last a while,

At the end,she would love to see his beautiful smile!!!


Regret no more


Dark phase of life is here,

the world is living with terror and fear.

And specially we girls, are scared, every now and then,

its not just mere words penned by my pen.

Fear of being stalked by those narrow mind,

turning back , to check if someone behind.

Late night stay are out of our list ,

our freedoms have been made a gist.

In spite of laws and its rights,

still we fear to fight.

If girls  are open, they are characterless,

then what about your boys , who abuse , molest , and harass us, by being so heartless.

Why they forget , we are daughters who need their care,

not being the insecure of their weird stare.

Should i regret being a girl, or regret for not being respected,

why our voices always neglected ?

We are expecting your voices,

for you can change , through your choices.

We need hands that can make us feel secure,

and your efforts , will make a change , thats for sure.

Contribution of one and all

can make our life beautiful even if it is small.



It goes on


Failing many a times can make you feel low,

A strong cyclone that can uproot you in a single blow.

The hope on oneself vanishes somewhere,

You find yourself standing nowhere.

If failures can judge you, you should be the advocate,

Just believe in your hardwork , not your fate.

Its a chance to gear up again ,

for the sun never stops its duty, even if it rains.

Be a fighter, and learn to fight ,

otherwise change your vision and your sight.

Make your criticisms your strength,

for you have to cover a long length.

They will come which will pull you down,

just work hard to achieve your crown.

Things are tough and will be throughout,

just do your best, till you are in your shroud.



Blessed to have a friend like you

  • One person , i expected at the least, 

    who could  listen and talk to me.

    So that my secrets would be revealed, 

    and my wounds get healed.

    No words can define our friendship – its just me and you ,

    for it is something beautiful and always true.

    Apart from the fights , when our bonds grew stronger,

    it gave me a hope that our friendship will last longer.

    When i lost hope – you were the light, 

    since you were by my side , everything had a chance of getting right.

    We met like  strangers and accepted each other as a friend, 

    may god bless us, that our friendship never face an end.

    The dissimilarities keep us together ,

    and i know, you will be there for me forever.

     You taught me to love, you taught me to care,

    you made me believe that you are there. 

    The relation is sweet,

    for you , make it complete.

    When the things will go dark, and i turn blue,

    no matter anyone would be there or not, but i know,

    ——————————I will find YOU…………………………..





The dark present

Living in a democratic country, being a democrats,

getting so many rights is same as fate.

Since Britishers left India, people got the rights,

but are these rights , practiced right.

Politicians are frog , who come in election rain,

they show fake sympathy & concerns for our severe pain.

Constitution is made for our people to survive,

Right to Health- But still people strive.

Right to Educationbut still child labor,

Taught to be loved , but still fights with neighbors.

Right to Equality- But still poor have less opportunities ,

Right to Religion- But still people play with dignities.

Where people fell shame being an Indian,

but still feel proud to keep their narrow opinions.

Where poor die each day & women are molested,

where corrupted move freely & accused not arrested.

Girls are aborted for they are burden

& still people expect a change to be sudden.

So what you expect –  Modi will manage all alone,

how could he? – when things are totally unknown.

But still when he tries , i get a hope ,

for he is climbing at least, not looking at the -rope.

Its better to support him, for he is doing something,

just look back in your past, where people criticized & did nothing.

Memories never die

makoeut 9Its been years since I last saw you,

I doesn’t know how to react, 

But no matter how hard I try,

The memories keep coming back.

Should i stay to know the new you,

Or should i simply walk away?

And every time i see you,

I don’t know what hell i can say??

We went from best friends to strangers,

And even though we changed, 

our memories remained the same.

How can someone ask me, if i have forgotten you,

How the fuck i could forget?

You were my best friend.

And even if we change , our memories would always remain the same……



Lookin deep Within!!!

Who r u?

just question it once.

What defines u?

none of us pondered upon ….but can’t accept the truth, we are dunce.

And next u say, i am aware , but don’t know what  to share.

Don’t u feel dumb , on debating on such long topics,

& not able to define yourself—–a big tragic.

How could you wish others to understand u,

when u yourself don’t knew.

Knowing yourself, is discovering within,

and that’ s the point, where success begin.

Discover your strengths, discover your passion,

to live your life with full satisfaction.

Trust yourself, and u r the solution

Ask the answers,  that has given confusion.

”I m not having the stuff enough, to handle the shit hurled at me,”

”I m not strong enough to handle that life is sending for me.”

These were the words,  spoken by my bae,

& there i had nothing to say.

Today with the answers, i penned right here,

Today with the answers for those precious tears.

Life is given, you have to strive,

Just don’t live with your breathe, but learn to survive.

It hardest to let the things go,

but it will be harder if u let them grow.

I have seen the best of you, i have seen the worst,


I have seen, Ur panic at first .

Life is a journey,  connecting to the space within,

coz- every answers are buried deep within.

Be brave as a traveler, for the path not straight

because the journey never waits………………………..







Only u can make a difference!!!

I m too young to define life!

I am too young to explain it!

But still feels as if I am little experienced to define it……

A time comes when u lose hope ! A time comes where we feel like end up everything Bcoz nothing goes right and although we have the things in front of us but it seems blurred!

The most bad things we have is _ we don’t know how to deal with it!! Instead of blaming anyone change the focus of your camera, u would definately see a clear image in front of u! Life all means adventure, where everyday u get to know something new. So never stop learning .

Many among us find the answers to deal with problems going in life. They scroll down every page of google with a hope to find the answers! But why are we wasting time when we ourselves the answer to every question.!! You have to look to the bright and hopeful part of your life and that’s ‘U’……

Problems will come and go but you have to choose to be happy . If u waste time waiting for a moment where you will be happy , sorry u won’t! Bcoz no one on this earth can make u happy unless u choose to be!!

live your life to fullest_its always said but I believe no one can! So instead of living it to fullest , live it as you r the most happiest 😊😊😊…

#besty for u😊

the things which r made for u can’t make u cry, & the one which is for u will always give u the reason to smile 🙂🙂

Learn to adapt and evolve with every suffering!


Life is playground be a player!!

Don’t be a spectators who merrily wait for right time to cheer , be a player who makes his right time in which he can cheer to fullest!!!