Looking Back

She wanna run, she wanna hide,

For she is having a severe pain inside!

She wanna scream, she wanna cry,

She wanna,but can’t simply say goodbye!

She wanna move on, & let the things go!

But she loved him more than anyone could know!!

She wanna start afresh,and set them free,

But her mind couldn’t forget,&eyes doesn’t want to see!

The love is deep , the pain is deep,

The promises broke,which they promised to keep!

It’s hard to forget and let him go,

She knew ,that he couldn’t love her,but she was happy that he tried though!

She love him deeply and he is in her heart,

All she knew was,-its hard to keep them apart!

She never ever thought,she would feel this way,

The importance of him and his stay!

The mistake was hers! For she took her friendship to the next level,

The feeling of love acted like a devil!

One thing that would last a while,

At the end,she would love to see his beautiful smile!!!



Regret no more

Dark phase of life is here,

the world is living with terror and fear.

And specially we girls, are scared, every now and then,

its not just mere words penned by my pen.

Fear of being stalked by those narrow mind,

turning back , to check if someone behind.

Late night stay are out of our list ,

our freedoms have been made a gist.

In spite of laws and its rights,

still we fear to fight.

If girls  are open, they are characterless,

then what about your boys , who abuse , molest , and harass us, by being so heartless.

Why they forget , we are daughters who need their care,

not being the insecure of their weird stare.

Should i regret being a girl, or regret for not being respected,

why our voices always neglected ?

We are expecting your voices,

for you can change , through your choices.

We need hands that can make us feel secure,

and your efforts , will make a change , thats for sure.

Contribution of one and all

can make our life beautiful even if it is small.




It goes on

Failing many a times can make you feel low,

A strong cyclone that can uproot you in a single blow.

The hope on oneself vanishes somewhere,

You find yourself standing nowhere.

If failures can judge you, you should be the advocate,

Just believe in your hardwork , not your fate.

Its a chance to gear up again ,

for the sun never stops its duty, even if it rains.

Be a fighter, and learn to fight ,

otherwise change your vision and your sight.

Make your criticisms your strength,

for you have to cover a long length.

They will come which will pull you down,

just work hard to achieve your crown.

Things are tough and will be throughout,

just do your best, till you are in your shroud.




Blessed to have a friend like you

  • One person , i expected at the least, 

    who could  listen and talk to me.

    So that my secrets would be revealed, 

    and my wounds get healed.

    No words can define our friendship – its just me and you ,

    for it is something beautiful and always true.

    Apart from the fights , when our bonds grew stronger,

    it gave me a hope that our friendship will last longer.

    When i lost hope – you were the light, 

    since you were by my side , everything had a chance of getting right.

    We met like  strangers and accepted each other as a friend, 

    may god bless us, that our friendship never face an end.

    The dissimilarities keep us together ,

    and i know, you will be there for me forever.

     You taught me to love, you taught me to care,

    you made me believe that you are there. 

    The relation is sweet,

    for you , make it complete.

    When the things will go dark, and i turn blue,

    no matter anyone would be there or not, but i know,

    ——————————I will find YOU…………………………..





The dark present

Living in a democratic country, being a democrats,

getting so many rights is same as fate.

Since Britishers left India, people got the rights,

but are these rights , practiced right.

Politicians are frog , who come in election rain,

they show fake sympathy & concerns for our severe pain.

Constitution is made for our people to survive,

Right to Health- But still people strive.

Right to Educationbut still child labor,

Taught to be loved , but still fights with neighbors.

Right to Equality- But still poor have less opportunities ,

Right to Religion- But still people play with dignities.

Where people fell shame being an Indian,

but still feel proud to keep their narrow opinions.

Where poor die each day & women are molested,

where corrupted move freely & accused not arrested.

Girls are aborted for they are burden

& still people expect a change to be sudden.

So what you expect –  Modi will manage all alone,

how could he? – when things are totally unknown.

But still when he tries , i get a hope ,

for he is climbing at least, not looking at the -rope.

Its better to support him, for he is doing something,

just look back in your past, where people criticized & did nothing.


(Self compost poem)

(By Apurwa Rai)

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Pause a while and do give a read.
Atleast For every morning tea that you are blessed with.

(Life as a tea plantation worker.)

From the christ’s crown

Euphorbia milli , the crown of thorns, popularly known as Christ thorn, was hardly impossible to ignore the early morning. I watered the plants and the eye was caught in the corner, on a pot with such a beautiful species. The plant got amazing features, like Succlent branches with Long black sharp thorns and is sparsely leafed.

The eyecatching bloom consists of tiny inconspicious yellow flowers held in clusters.

Belief___” The crown of thorns worn by Jesus Christ at crucifixion was made from stems of this plant. “

Inspiration: early morning good mood

Source: My phone’s gallery.

I hope this beautiful botanical species is captured well enough to feel it’s beauty in its stem, flowers and leaves.

Immense love from me to you and the nature.

Never ending footsteps__(#Tale 3)

In this era people are not able to build a garden because of the lack of space. And also some think it’s a waste of space. I remember visiting my friend last year where her gardener has set up this entire space and made it all appear like a heaven. Give a look to these beautiful flowers and plantations that i have captured from her place.

This banyan tree’s bonzai along with Gautam Buddha’s statue was the centre of attraction at the first instance.

(The green unripened papayas 😍)

(The grapevine 😍)

While we were busy clicking the colorful flowers few guests knocked in our garden.

The garden was like a canvas filled with those tiny colourful shades of yellow, orange, purple, white, red and pink. The colourful petals were attractive source of pollination to bees 🐝 around.

We chatted there for a while,among the fragrance, planted with so much of love and care , hearing the chirping of the birds on the tree above us, as if they were listening to our chats about out stuffs.

As every flower blooms in its own time, so will you.

Everyone has a fragrance,let the brightest rays of sun reach to you, to make you blossom beautifully.

Sending you all my love with these flowers


Picture perfect end of the day.

After a good amount of rain showers in my town, I just felt an urge to drink a cup of tea with the sunset. The morning was covered with heavy black clouds making it almost lazy till afternoon but nearbout 6 in the evening, the glamour of the sky took away all the laziness of the whole day.

The serenity of the sun, pink hues and the rich light radiating from the ends of the sky achieved an absolute perfection.

I wish you a radiant life ……..

Love to all. (❤❤❤)

Never ending footsteps__(#Tale 2)

It was a calm day, and I found myself resting at the side of a large tree admiring the beauty of the woods that surrounded me. The sunless sky covered the woods. There was a gentle breeze creating the single sound of rustling leaves.

Yesterday I blogged about the nearest and one of the India’s largest dam situated in my area. Due to Corona epidemic, I wasn’t allowed to stay till late. Though luckily my area is a green zone, not seen any cases yet. (Touchwood😬) . I have been to the same place again, to discover more and deep.

On the other side of this dam I saw the surrounding environment spread far and wide. There is no shortage of picturesque traits. On the opposite side of this dam is located a lush green small areas and dense jungle.

My curiosity continued to grow and grow constantly. I took the smallest path to the highest mountains situated near the bank to get a better view. The path had a lot of curves.

Finally struggling over the pebbles and with the small crawling creatures I managed to the top position and what I found was something beyond expressing in just few words.

Along the way being accompanied by thick weeds, a lazy mist hid my vision, and my eyes got caught to something so unreal, something peaceful like heaven. I was in dilemma whether to patiently gaze that or capture it again for something to be told.

It seemed as if the area was keeping a secret deep within itself. I sat there still, watching the tiny squirrels hastily from tree to tree. The forest I realized was home to many wild creatures. And in return it was rewarded with the company of those animals. The forest was pure, undisturbed by human activities.

As I left behind that beautiful forest, I now recognized the appreciation for nature where life is away from the cities, deserted in peace throughout.

A raindrop hit my head, giving me signals to leave from there and return to my normal life.

On my way, I found lush green fields with no one around, undisturbed blades of grass, lying peacefully as if they were waiting for the monsoon rain like me.

The clouds were getting heavy to celebrate the monsoon rain. It had a thunder, that put everything to still.

It seemed as if that one day that thunder will destroy us too! I feel the sufferings of millions around me. But when I looked up at the sky, it seemed as if everything will change. Everything will be back to normal. Everyone will be breathing in peace of nature, everyone will be meeting their loved ones, kissing them best wishes and altogether it will again be a happy world to live in.

Iam wrapping this 2 hrs outing here only.

Wishing you all a best healthy environment. Till then keep yourself safe, coz you make this world a beautiful place to live in.

(Source__my camera)


Never ending footsteps__(#Tale 1)

When driving to our area to Renukoot, you will enjoy breathtaking views of Rivers forest, and other natural landscapes. Equally as appealing are the town’s roads.

While beautiful,scenery is most Often associated with parks, most landscapes are found in deep forest, and still remains undiscovered.

One of them is this Rihand dam, popularly known as “Gobind vallabh pant Sagar”, one of the largest dam Of India by volume. It is located on the tributary of the son river. This dam is life support to regions of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya pradesh, Chattishgarh and Bihar. It was aimed to provide hydroelectricity and good irrigation for the people. The dam was formally inaugurated by Jawaharlal Nehru in year 1962.

This photograph shows the scenery of the dam and it’s surrounding area. It’s taken from a public place, means these views can be seen by anyone, driving down a public road.

A little bit of editing to highlight the beautiful features of this place nearby my home.

This place is still a visited spot for the seekers,who like Sunday outings.

The second picture is basically a place of mourning, it’s an old broken small structure, made for performing different rituals of the funeral.

As I always love to connect nature with some philosophy, I would like to tell you,

The bigger the dam of patience, the worst the flood when the dam breaks.

(Source: My own camera)

❤❤Travelling is always a better chance for me to interact with the world more. Stay safe, stay blessed. ☺



I still remember I got this handmade craft on this 16th of may on my birthday. My sister prepared this beautiful boat , locking herself for 6 consecutive days before the occasion. Due to quarantine she couldn’t buy anything from outside. So she used the waste materials to carve this piece. All the leftover pens, cds, balls, cardboard shéets were properly put into use .

Beside all this she attached a lifeboat on my huge ship.

“Lifeboats,arent u having the one”?

I have my parents and well wishers who constantly pray for my health and success.

The times I have stumbled I have got no fear to sink.

All these years I have learned to swim constantly with the waves no matter how hard the tides are.. .

Stop waiting for the sea to get calm. Instead take a courage to start the journey of your dreams.

Oh God your sea is so great and my boat is so small.

Still I set myself on this sail, because I know, you will never let me fall.

With each tides that’s high Enough to drown me,

I have a belief, you seeing my efforts,and is standing on the other side of this shore to put a crown on me.